UFO Sighting in Sainte-Anne-des-Plaines, Quebec on June 5th 2015 – big round light with multiple lignts inside when using magnifier 15 X 80W

Montreal, Qu��bec, Canada. We were in the spa looking at the sky and my wife saw a bright light at 320 degree NW. We taught that was the spacial station above.
After, we went at the front of the house for watering plants (at 10 pm) june 5th 2015.
My wife told me: look at that, it’s still there.
I went to bring my binocular and my wife took pictures of the object obove.
We use binocular (astonony one) 15 X 80 lenses.
We saw the object more precisely. Round shape, with multiples white lights Inside. Like a spider nest.
We imagined that was a super nova. But last night, no more lights in the sky.
Planes passed between the object and us.
We observe the object one hour and a half. We taught tomorrow we will see it again if it was realy a super nova. Yesterday night, nothing in the sky.
We felt that was very special sight. Nothing ever seen before. We took astonomy cours in the past with the plan��tarium of Montr��al.
I am a Doctor in medecin and my wife is a nurse.

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