UFO Sighting in Sarasota, Florida on June 7th 2015 – continued observations of objects, entities, and EVP on route

This is in reference to Case# 66097 and Case # 66139, which was an extenuation. This is further information regarding this case. As I have stated previously, it seems to be an ongoing issue and it appears that all I need to do is step outside at the hour I go to work with a camera and record while I work as best I can.
I work a newspaper route in the county area, two routes I work back to back. I have always noticed strange things, and suspected close encounters and wanted to prove it. I’m not new to close encounters, going way back. One of the areas I deliver to is actually caddy corner to the neighborhood I grew up in, in the early to late 90’s where and when I experienced a multitude of strange occurrences, or close encounters.
So I’ve been making video of my route every day because of what I found on the video from last weekend, on 5-31-2015. What I’ve found is that nearly every video has at least one object or entity. I have discovered that I drive slowly and with my windows down, that if I have the camera pointed back over my shoulder they hover up to my window and appear to whisper and look into my car over my shoulder. I have observed that there are a large number of small objects which seem like orbs or an ET version of a drone flying around street lamps or hovering and emitting light, going into and ejecting from larger craft. I feel like they’re a version of R2-D2 if that makes sense. I want to explain them away to myself as drops of water on the windshield but I just can’t accept that since there is often no drops of water on the windshield and when there are, light plays differently than this.
I have noticed a lot of lights which follow my car which turn on and are not stationary or they aren’t there the next night.
I follow the same route every night, and there is some construction.
I’ve noticed a lot of them tend to hover around on a version of a Segway scooter, I actually might have a portion on tape of that.
Near the cemetery, there are a lot of times where I will see lights in the cemetery, or what might look like heat lighting, and police will tend to patrol there or go near to try to observe.
What really gets me is the stuff I don’t notice until I watch it on the video when I get home, like when I point the camera up while I drive and see a ghostly vaporous object which appears and moves around then disappears, and I have no explanation for this. I often do not feel like I am truly alone although I tend to think I am the only one of my kind anyway.
It’s a cheap camcorder, with good low light, not IR, it’s not a FLIR cam, it’s a 100 Samsung. It doesn’t really pick up anything in the night sky unless it’s a full moon. Stars don’t show up because of the optics, it’s not a pro camera with premium optics, lets say. I record the sky, and it comes back that there are lights which move in unexplainable ways.
Earlier, I was driving and I noticed a metallic box shaped object I did not see with my eyes or notice until I got home. It appeared to hover and raise slightly, and there was a window and a being looking out, and the light inside appeared to be on. I sometimes catch a face or two from the sunroof if my camera looks up and down, even if just for a split second. I notice that the lights on the outside of the craft might light up in the same spectrum as the street lamps to blend in.
A multitude of EVP’s, what seem like whispers. They appear to know and understand my name, and can communicate in English. I often hear strange animal noises which seem to be speaking English from the darkness and out of my periphery, which sound like a screeching parrot or a wild raccoon or other animal. I sometimes encounter people in mundane situations like purchasing beverages from a gas station who seem to think I am talking to them, like earlier tonight, when two other people insisted that I repeat to them what I just said. I didn’t say anything. It’s as if they put on a costume and go about as us in regular everyday situations. I even caught a still of the gate guard from the neighborhood, a polite man, who appeared to have half of his face morph into a grey alien face, very clearly.
All of this, not frightened of this. I report to work, I make a paycheck. This being an ongoing thing. At this rate, I’m going to run out of hard drive space to contain the evidence I’m gathering just by going about my daily routine with an inexpensive camcorder. I’m going to have to buy another external hard drive because I could end up with terabytes of data, pictures, audio, HD video. It’s every night.
I have a number of pictures and videos, I would gladly share them all with investigators in an effort to gain some better understanding of what’s going on in the community and in my life.
And I’m going to continue to record every day something new, and see about what I might catch in the footage. Today I’m just going to upload a little bit of it, what I have from earlier today and from earlier in the week to illustrate that they come up to my car window silently hovering and whisper. In the video it sounds like an alien language, in my head sounds like perfect English, don’t know why. Was told the guy from last week who reached in to my car was reported as a prowler.
I never felt comfortable to express I heard or saw things, because of what might happen to someone who doesn’t have explicit evidence who says they hear or see strange things, and official policy to remove people and check them for internal wiring problems.
The video proves to me at least that what I’m experiencing is real, and that there’s more that I don’t see while I am focusing on work or driving as I go, and from the simple fact that the digital CMOS sensor in the camera is programmed to refresh at a different rate than my naked eye, which presents a technical problem for any sort of disguising of an object or being that they apparently haven’t straightened out or maybe don’t want to.
And it’s every night. I could go out and record a little from every night, there would be something, I predict. Something new, or more of the same.

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