UFO Sighting in Cincinnati, Ohio on October 27th 2013 – Saw a craft with a bright light come into view, then cloak itself.

The witness was outside on an extremely clear evening. He was watching aircraft leaving the Northern Kentucky Cincinnati Airport, which was coming East and then turning north. He turned to the west to look in that direction and then turned around East saw a bright flood like light coming towards him. Being a watcher of the night sky, he aimed his high powered binoculars at the light. The light was attached to a teardrop shape craft that he estimated to be about 100 feet long 60 feet wide. It was dark in color, but he could make out some kind of symbol on the bottom side. The craft continued in a straight path towards him,when it got within about a mile of him , some kind of vapor surrounded it for about 10 seconds and then it just disappeared as if it cloaked out.

Case entered by FI#19977, sketches forthcoming.

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