UFO Sighting in Swedesboro, New Jersey on June 6th 2015 – Mars, Satellite or Unknown?

After a late dinner in Swedesboro, I was putting my daughter in her car seat when I looked up and saw a bright red light. Resembled a star in size and brightness, although it did seem to give a weak pulsation in brightness. I thought it was Mars, but I don’t recall seeing Mars that high above the horizon, nor that bright. There were broken high altitude clouds passing over the object. It wasn’t aircraft as it appeared stationary and had no other lights that were associated with strobe lights you typically see on planes. I wasn’t sure if it was a satellite, yet I thought satellites had strobe lights on them. If this wasn’t a satellite or Mars, it will be the third observation I have had have red orbs.
I lost sight when I had to get my daughter home. I thought I might be able to pick the object back up, as we live close by. I couldn’t find it after getting home.

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