UFO Sighting in Twentynine Palms, California on December 16th 2014 – U.S. Marine sees UFO during training exercise

1) I was out with my company doing an annual battalion level exercise called “Steel Night”.
2) it was dark out and we weren’t doing anything but sitting around on our vehicles, and I was looking around talking to my guys, and I see some lights in the distance.
3) I immediately though UFO. When I asked my guys “Hey did y’all see that?” They looked at me all crazy and said no what did you see. I told them but they thought I was just tired.
4) it was just hovering there, almost like it was observing our actions on the ground, we just finished doing a live shoot. It hovered there as I watched it, then it went a little to the left and a little to the right, and it just went up in the sky really fast.
5) when I saw it I was honestly shocked. I watched it, and was hoping the others saw it too. Once it left I was constantly looking around in the sky to see if I’d see one again.
6) I lost sight of the object once it took off, and I lost the chance to see it again when we left the area about an hour later to continue our maneuvers and attacks.

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