so what does alien-ufo think is real?

Basically id like to talk about what you guys think exists.

I’ll play it by ear as far as denominations and ways of categorizing ‘approved’ ET genus’.

But yeah I guess I’ll throw three in the pot that I think are real and have been to earth, with some accompanying details and reasons why, this might be a good rule for future posts too, just to keep things tidy and whatnot.

Greys – of some description would suspect various denominations and sub races as reported – dont think anyone here would debate their existence

Silver fire retardant suit guys (Pleiadeans?) with rectangular monocle – reported waaaaaay too often in piercing detail

Watchers – this is what I’ve taken to describing my contact race as, because I have no way of determining any physical features or resemblance in other reported CEiii. Plus I’ve noted angel aliens referenced in historical accounts, and biblical stories called watchers, and if anything it was ethereal and otherworldly , so watcher I submit.

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