UFO Sighting in Fradley, on June 9th 2015 – Really Bright Lights, then faded, blacked out then moved away flashing

It was 00.32 hours and we were about to go to bed when I noticed a really bright sparkling light, brighter then I had ever seen before in the sky, I called my partner to look also she said she had never seen anything like it, we first thought it must of been a planet or a really really bright star, but then the brightness started to dull and the object started to move away to the left and in the distance we could see another object the same start to make its way to the same position as the 1st and when that got to the same position it stood still like the 1st. another appeared also and they stopped still no flashing lights just a solid light, then when they started to move they started to flash, the all went in the same direction. we lost sight of them when they went behind the houses to our left.

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