UFO Sighting in grimsley, Tennessee on June 10th 2015 – n/a

Hello I would like to report what I saw this morning as I was driving home from picking up my daughter from a friend’s house. We were driving home at 1205am on a back country road. I was going about 30mph when all of a sudden I seen an entity dart swiftly across the road up ahead. It looked as if it was running very fast. I could not make out what it was but it appeared out of the norm and looked to have a gas blur or cloud behind it.I am a retired police officer and A trained observer and have never seen anything like this event. All of a sudden 15 seconds later we started seeing large very very bright blue lights ahead above the tree line., They were everywhere as if a police vehicle were in the road and had its lights on, but as we continued to drive there was absolutely no police car or any other vehicle in sight just us. All of a sudden the lights disappeared. I looked at my daughter and she looked at me in amasement and said mom did you just see that. We were stunned and nervous it was crazy. I didn’t know who to report this to but wanted someone to know in case it could help with research. Thank you for your time.

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