UFO Sighting in Lake Wales, Florida on June 8th 2015 – Driving in town, observed triangle of lights. Stopped, took pictures, 2nd appeared as 3 vertical lights

I was driving on SR 60 in Lake Wales, Fl when I noticed a triangle of bright lights to the southeast. I drive to a Racetrac gas station and took a few pictures. I am sorry about the street light in the foreground. It may give some reference. The lights were bright and I almost thought I saw the reflection of something metal to the side of the top light of the triangle. My first impression was a tower, but there are none in that location. Several others also noticed this object and wondered what it was. I looked away and when I looked back a second object was there with the first. It was three vertical lights just to the north of the first. The first dimmed out in 1 -2 seconds and the second remained. Sighting lasted about 5 min. The second disappeared while I wasn’t looking.

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