UFO Sighting in Medford, Oregon on October 12th 2012 – 3 lights in traingular positioning, moving slowly overhead until out of sight.

I was at my friends house in the back yard and, unfortunately for the credibility of the sighting, we were drinking alcohol lightly for socialism. At approximately 12 midnight, my girlfriend stated to me that it was time to go home and go to sleep. We said our good-byes and headed out the gate and into the alley where she clumsily tripped and hit the ground, laughing. In a joking manner I joined her side and we lay there for maybe 10 seconds before I started to rise to help her back up. I was just about to extend my hands to her after wiping the dirt off my pants when she said “What’s that?”. Confused, it took me maybe 2 seconds before I reacted to the question. I turned around and saw our friends still partying and nothing more. I panned my head to the right and down, back to where she was now sitting upright and followed the trajectory of where her finger was pointed. I realized she was pointing above them and as soon as I lifted my eyes I saw, right over the group of people we were just with, 3 dim white lights in a triangular positioning from one-another maybe 20 feet apart. My first thought was that it was simply geese, knowing that they take a V pattern in the sky as their preferred style of flight. Within 5 seconds it became apparent that this was not geese. I was completely stunned. As it passed over a tree, which was 5-10 feet away from our friends, I noticed that as the lights(which if connected made a triangle in the sky)passed in front of stars and clouds beyond it in the distance that it obstructed and competlely blocked the view of anything between the lights. This indicated to me that there was indeed a body, or a mass of some kind, that connected all of these lights together as one solid object. The craft was no more than 35 feet in elevation and traveled at no more than 20-25 mph. It was 100% silent and not one person other than my self or my girlfriend had even come close to realizing it was there. We watched as it traveled for another 15-20 seconds off into the distance before the 3 lights finally disappeared from view behind a storage unit that lines the back yard of my friends house. The two of us were completely astonished and could only speculate as to what we had just witnessed. Having had much more detailed sightings since then, I have become more adamant that this was not something we had seen because of our alcoholic intake, but was indeed a craft of some intelligent design and control. I am, however, very glad to report this to be my Very 1st UFO Encounter! ! ! =)

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