Black Triangle Sighting in Conway, South Carolina on June 12th 2015 – I noticed a golden glow on my drive home. I got close and saw a UFO.

I was driving down 501 north from myrtle beach towards my house. It was around 1:05 am when I first noticed the light. I was passing the conway hospital on my left and I could see this strange bright golden star.It just looked like a gold light in the sky. It is not super big, but it somehow caught my attention. I was mainly curious about what it was. I figured it was just a plane or something at first, put it did not move in the sky really as I was driving down the road. So I just kept watching it to figure it out because it was getting noticeably larger after a minute or so of driving. I became curious because I could not figure out what it was. I took the exit for 501 business and was approaching the wooded forest right beside the conway bridge and I could tell that I was close to the light. I cruised along slowly trying to see the light through the treeline. About 3/4 of the way down the wooded road before the bridge I come up even with the light and for a couple seconds I could see the source. I saw this triangular metal object in the sky.The object was darker grey in color from what I could tell, and there may have been a little texture on the bottom of the object as well (I mainly mean that the bottom did not look completely smooth). It was unmoving to me the whole time I saw the object, but I was too far away to perceive smaller movements for most of the event. I saw placed around this object’s edge three colors of lights. Yellow, white, and red. They were not blinking. At first I thought it was a radio or cell tower, but then I saw no supporting structures near the object and did not know what was going on. I lost sight after a couple of seconds. I was freaking out a little bit, but I wanted to be very sure I was not just seeing something like a tower. So I turned right down state rd s 26-14 to see what was going on. I lost sight of the object after passing it, and then a few seconds later I made the turn. I drove slowly looking for any sign of any lights or man made structures. I drive down the whole road and I saw no lights. I figured it could be just the road I was on that kept me from seeing any lights even though I should have a better view of them. I proceed to drive back towards Myrtle Beach on 501 for a little bit so that I can come back the same way I can and see the light from where I already saw it. Whenever I turned around (just before the Olivers on 501 business) I could not see the light that I had seen before. At this point I am freaking out a little. While Im driving back towards the bridge I keep scanning the sky for any sign of what I had witnessed earlier. I saw nothing, I drove over into downtown Conway and I turned around so I could be on top of the bridge and look back towards the treeline where I was originally seeing the object. There was still nothing that I saw, so I drove for a bit, turned around, and went home. It was a clear night sky, it was around mid 70’s fahrenheit. Not very much wind.

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