The Book of Shadow…

I know, It sure sounds like a ominous title for a thread though..

What I want to achieve here, Is hopefully create a more complete image of extraterrestrial activity both past and present.

planet Earth.


We all have our own theories, Even my own differ from what we will be discussing today. But let us suspend disbelief just for a little while and entertain the exotic, we can think out of the box just a little bit,, I promise we will leave the experience in meant condition and no one will ever know we were removed from box.. Here I want to entertain the idea that extraterrestrials have been visiting us here on earth since the beginnings of our race…

Some even believe a race of ancient beings called the Annunaki created us human beings ..

Ah. But there are other theories as well.. The story as it continues. In the Annunakiverse. we humans were created as a slave race, Evolved. and changed by the annunaki to better serve them.. But the changes caused human beings to evolve into a dominant life form on the plant.. In this ideology, humans as that point in history made enemies of the Reptilians.

Some believe the Reptilians to be the original dominant life form on planet earth and the humans along with the Annunaki drove them underground and into hiding..
Others believe the reptilians are extraterrestrial in origin, and attempted the same genetic experiments on humans themselves and created an earth dwelling race of reptile human hybrids.

Yet others believe the the reptilians are a race that was co evolved at the same time as humans by the annunaki and the the original tension between humans and reptilians was caused by a war to prove superiority to the annunaki..

Later, It is believed the Annunaki them selves left earth and became disgusted when their own children began mating with humans..
Some believe this to be the nephilim.. Yes. I know this seems to mix philosophy.. But.. some people believe the annunaki are what the ideas of modern day Gods are based upon..

Who can say what words have been lost in time.. what facts have been translated and forever changed.. who can say what story ties into what with absolute certainty..
Can we say that these annunaki were not deities? And the Nephilim? their ancestors?? Can any of us?

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