UFO Sighting in Setúbal Municipality, on June 10th 2015 – Big LED bright object with straigh path, then sudden warp speed type of path change

It was around 3.57AM Europe GMT time when looking to the general sky scenery something cought my eye aproaching from my right to my left POV.

It was VERY fast when compared to the size or a airplane, around 10x the size of a A320 following a domestic path, this when looking at the same supposed distance/height, a height where you can clearly distinguish the winglets/ tail lights. Compared to a star which is only a small dot it would be roughly around 100x’s the size, alot brighter!

Regarding the brightness: this object was very bright, enough to made me turn my head and aknowledge it’s presence. It made a small straight path horizontally, this while getting brighter. Just imagine 1 (one) true white led of a flashlight, now put it in a dark room, make a small path with your hand holding the flashlight and you have a rough idea.

Then, the most impressive thing about this sight, it pulsated for about 1 second, and it switched direction in a rigid “V” shaped maneuver and it left a trail in the sky for about 1 second that quick disapeared while bliking the eye. The pulse was obvious, as also was the trail. It was basically like the Entreprise warming up and going to Warp Speed in the well known movie. But alot more distance in this one.

No idea of the origin, who made etc. Just clearly something not natural, like the shooting star that preceeded it around 4m. The type of light, movement nature (something not being propeled with fuel combustion engines, much more smoother), the relative velocity of the path in the sky and way it went to “warp” in a V shapped 180�� change of direction…. just unbelieveble.

Also, is anyone is closer to this it would be blind looking at it. This was pure 7000K white, very homogeneous/soft but also solid light there!

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