Grey metallic Triangle-Shaped UFO photographed over Adrian, Georgia

Yesterday we reported about a possible circular UFO hidden in a cloud captured over Texas, yet another UFO was photographed in the sky over Georgia.

Witness Rose McNeal: On May 25, 2015, I was driving to Adrian (Georgia) on highway 15 around 12:54 pm, and I was taking a picture of a cloud.

As I always take pictures of clouds I stopped the car and stepped out of the car to take a second picture of the cloud. At first I did not notice the object, just the cloud.

To my amazement, I seen this grey metallic triangle-shaped object, with the top disappeared in the clouds. I did not even hear anything when I stepped out of the car to take a picture with my cell phone.

It is not a reflection. One picture I took through the windshield of my car and the 2nd picture was taken outside my car. Mufon case 66348.

The first image:
Image left is the original one photographed through the windshield. Image right is the original one photographed outside the car.

The second image:
The image photographed through the windshield. Besides the triangle UFO, notice the second smaller UFO and a strange formed cloud which I have marked on the photo.

Note: Click images to enlarge.

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