Theory: Alien Children and how they would adapt to Earth

First off this is how I think it would go down you may have a different opinion. Now so first if they did come to Earth saying they’re ETs they will probably be terrified so first off

Now kids will probably be scared of him why at the same time he is a child remember so he will probably be even more scared. Now getting to the Class they will need to learn the Earth language of where they are at to make it easy on me let’s say they need to learn English it will take a very very long time. They will have a hard time getting friends or playing in activities at recess due to cultural differences and physical differences. They will be bullied a lot as well. Now I know it sounds a bit bleak and dark for the alien but their is hope. If they are from a higher species they will go through classes fast but if they are a lower species but still sentient they will learn many new things and it will give any species to learn about humans.

Lets say they do make a friend which if they do it will be beautiful so they have a friend it will be interesting and fun for both of them

Tell what you think of my theories

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