UFO Sighting in Little River, South Carolina on December 15th 2014 – After observing 3 ufos over myrtle beach, I awoke one night to lights in my room. A beam of light grabbed my legs. I awoke in another area of my house.

my husband and I have seen 3 ufos (over myrtle beach, south Carolina) in the past 2 years. One night I woke up to use the rest room and when I came out of the bathroom I noticed a bright light in the room next to my bedroom. it was coming in from the window like a beam. I could see shadows moving in this beem. it seemed to be 2 beings moving around outside the 2nd floor window. As I watched the beem slowly dissipated. I started to become afraid and I tried to run past the window to get back to my bed. Another beam of light shot through a different window and “grabbed” my legs. I felt a great vibration and then I “woke up” again standing at the foot of my bed. I have no memory of making it into the room, the light had grabbed me when I was approaching the door to my bedroom.

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