UFO Sighting in Nevada on June 12th 2015 – first was fast @087 degrees headx no sonic boomthought it first to be sat. second slower heading 185 degrees

I watch the sky for all things, stars, weather, maybe to see what I saw here 3 years this October of the giant triangle. today was for the weather to golf this a.m. when I went outside and stood in the street to look around at the sky I noticed it being clear. When I started looking at those stars to get my bearings, I caught this star moving. It was just moving so fast,…I was wishing I had brought my phone out with me. I just said in a normal voice is anyone else seeing this? I have neighbors that are also up early and wanted to make sure if anyone was in earshot they could also witness this. I have seen when I was a child and saw recently the same thing I saw as a child. Triangle with no sound but I felt and smelled a negative ionic change in the air. That was moving very slowly at a very low altitude heading in the same direction east.Lost sight of objects in the horizon.

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