UFO Sighting in West Palm Beach, Florida on May 2nd 2015 – looked like crescent moon then started morphing and swirling, like a lava lamp. then tuned into orb. got bigger then smaller till faded out

I was sitting on the patio having a cigarette. Out of the corner of my eye i noticed what i thought was the moon. But after a couple more drags off my smoke i looked up to my left and saw what i still thought was the moon, but something was odd. The brightness was what made me want to look. It seemed as bright as a clear sky full moon, but was only what looked like a crescent moon. As i observed, the (moon) it starded changing shape and almost looked like it was melting and then swirling like a vortex. I liken it to a lava lamp. After a minute or two of this yellow-orange display it turned into an orb and in creased in size, and then it shrank to nothing. I don’t know what i saw. It wasn’t a disk or cigar shaped craft, as far as i could tell anyways. Maybe it was a portal. I don’t know know.

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