UFO Sighting in Augusta, Georgia on March 1st 2014 – a disc shaped ufo with lights came out of a fog, floated approx. 25 feet above road straight towards my car, then floated off to my right and descended below treeline behind a building

I was on my way to work, traveling north on Peach Orchard Road at approx. 10:45pm. It was a rainy overcast night, although it wasn’t raining at this time.I was sitting at the intersection of Peach Orchard and Bungalow Roads, preparing to take a left onto Bungalow Road.Straight ahead approx. 500 feet Peach Orchard veers to the right, and all you can see is trees straight ahead.Above the treeline where you lose sight of Peach Orchard, a disc shaped UFO came floating out of the fog, moving straight down the middle of the road, straight towards my car sitting in the middle turn lane. I estimate the size to be 20 feet because its sides extended halfway into the lanes bordering the middle turn lane. I estimate it was floating 35 feet above the road. It was not spinning. There were red, orange-yellow lights around the perimeter. Because the lights shone on the craft itself, I could tell the craft was metallic and was not completely flat.
When it got within approx. 35ft of my car, it started to move off to my right. I took a left onto Bungalow Rd and an immediate right into the lot of a (closed)store facing Peach Orchard Rd. It was straight ahead from this position and I tried to find my cell to take a picture. But I lost sight of it when it started to descend below the roof line of a business. I could have quickly traveled across the road to see if it landed behind the building, but whether out of fear or something else-all I remember feeling/thinking was ‘I have seen what I was meant to see’ and I proceeded to work. I didn’t say anything about what I saw for some time.What really blows my mind is this ufo presented itself in the middle of a good sized city, 35 ft. above the road!However, the fact I was the only one at that intersection at that time is in itself highly strange.

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