UFO Sighting in Swindon, on July 24th 2001 – Room lit up complete bright yellow red out shining my interior light it then hovered for 30 seconds then flew off in a weird zig zag path with what I believe a speed not of this earth

I was always skeptical of other life beyond our planet but my father once told me he served 14 years on the Royal Navy as an morse code operator seeing many sights around the globe but was stunned for him to tell me that one night out on the deck he was abducted by aliens and that when he returned he lost time by an approx 1 hour I was not skeptical at all my father is a man of his words and was trained very hard by the navy but ever since I was 15 16 years old it had been watching me for a while until I was around 25 years old I’ve seen so many UFO sightings but 1 was a as daunting I was in my bedroom watching jaws the movie with my interior bedroom light on with the interior door shut my room lit up a complete bright yellow red it completely out shun my interior light I then walked down stairs 10 minutes later outside to have a cigarette it was to my amazement that I was witnessing a large bright yellow red light roughly 500 feet in the air it was motionless just hovering no noise no nothing it was very weird to be seeing this as I’m used to seeing military jets etc as I’m not to far from raf fairford as I was observing this object for around 30 seconds whilst hovering it did a 3 path zig zag in what I believe a speed not of this earth the very next day I yet again was outside near the garage with a cigarette I looked up to the clear night sky and again it was there hovering but a little closer in altitude the same yellow red like fire then zig zag again and I’m starting to get scared by this point as I went upstairs in amazement I went to the bathroom mirror and I was what I can describe as a sun burn only to one side of my face I’m starting to believe if I’ve been abducted by aliens

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