UFO Sighting in Banning, California on June 8th 2015 – While watching a huge (military?) drone fly over the house (can’t find a pic on line of it – odd) we saw an oval shaped object appear out of nowhere and emit extremely bright laser white light shining towards us (sun was setting below and behind object)

We were watching a huge drone – we assume it’s military as we are not able to locate a similar craft on the web. It flew silently over our house and as we watched it fly away an object appeared out of nowhere and appeared to be on a collision course, the object emitted an intense white light (shooting east) that sort of shimmered and then poof it was nowhere to be seen…. We saw the drone still in the sky flying west, but searching the sky the large oval was just gone. No where. We were like wtf did we just see? First off the drone was super strange looking. As it approached it looked like a 747, but when it got closer, it was obvious it was not. We estimate the drone to be about the size of a train tank car, with two large rectangleish objects on each side of the craft behind the first set of wings. The cylinder was uniform and pointed, with one set of wings, and a set of tail wings. It was silver/gray with no observable openings or engines/props – and it was dead silent. The oval object appeared to the right at about 40 degrees from the horizon as the drone was flying west away from us. We had been observing the drone several minutes and we are both confident the drone was alone in the sky when the Orbish object appeared suddenly extremely bright for about 20 seconds then with a bit of a shimmer (reminiscent of Russian meteor film) it was completely gone. We both were and still are amazed and perplexed at what we saw. Amanda drew pictures of what she saw.

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