UFO Sighting in Stillman Valley, Illinois on August 15th 1999 – saw 20-30 large basketball sized balls of light interacting in corner of cornfield.

I worked for the Rock River Times at that time. It was a tuesday night. Pulbication of the paper happens on weds, so we were all there late finishing layout. I left office around 2:30 am. I took Kishwaukee rd. home to stillman valley. As i came up the last hill towards town, i saw all these lights floating around in the corner of the cornfield so i pulled over to see what the heck. I pulled over on the opposite side of the road and walked across, getting closer. I watched them for a few mins, zipping this way and that, backwards and forwards, diagonally. They seemed to be playing w each other. I couldnt see any other features other than balls of light. I only felt awe, and fervently hoped and waited for another car to come and verify what i was seeing. After abt 20 mins od observing them float around, no other cars came and they seemed to be breaking up the meeting, several flew off in their own directions. I decided to follow one. I got bk in my car and followed one of the balls of light all the way into town, where it turned east. I followed it east until the edge of town on rt. 72 where i lost sight of it. None of them flew very high, maybe 40 ft off the ground at the highest. I told my grampa of it in the morning and asked him if there was a remote helicopter flying club in the area that would fly them so early. He laughed at me and told me about his own ufo encounter in minnesota in 1940. My sister witnessed almost the exact same thing on the same road in nov 2011 at abt 11:30pm, in a cornfield across the street from where i had seen them. She had 4 friends in the car and they all witnessed them. Some of her friends were so freaked they havent visited since, and my sister refuses to drive on kishwaukee rd for 2 years after that.

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