Black Triangle Sighting in Buffalo, New York on March 14th 2014 – Hovering black triangle witnessed on late night drive home.

I was in a High School Musical and around 11pm upon leaving the school my Mother and I drove home. I goto a high school in downtown Buffalo, but I live south of the city in West Seneca, NY. As we got onto the NYS 190 going south my mother and I noticed 6-7 glowing orbs to our right over the cities grain elevators. We thought them to be the plastic bags with candles that fly into the sky. They’re typically used for Latin American holidays, so my Mother and I began to comb the sky for these floating orbs. We witnessed a few planes flying around, and due to our proximity to an international airport we were no strangers to airplanes flying around at night.
As we made our way down the thruway a plane that looked different was on the left. What drew our attention was the fact that the lights weren’t flashing on the plane at all. A very uncommon thing for airplanes in our area. As we approached the object we noticed that it had stopped moving and was now just hovering in place. As it began to be directly on the side of our car we realized that the craft was a black triangle. The triangle was around the size and height of an incoming plane. The triangle then began to move southward and eventually exited our view due to obstructed view.

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