List of problems with Ufology

I’m coming to a point where I’m seeing this whole UFO thing as being pointless.

I personally know for a fact that there are some very advanced machines getting around our skies. I saw one for myself.
Other reports from around the world, over the past century suggest these craft have been around for a long time worldwide.

My local military seems disinterested in following up my report.
Looking through military records.., I find that others have witnessed similar craft to me.., yet nothing gets done.., and these people are assumed to be delusional.

This has forced me to investigate the sighting myself. This is also the same for other witnesses.
Trying to identify something our local military can’t, or won’t. After a couple of years, the impossible task becomes evidently clear.., and I feel like giving up.

So, in a last ditch effort.., I would like to find out what the actual problems are with Ufology.

I just want to find an answer to what I saw.., but Ufology is a laughing stock among the majority of people around the world.
What are the reasons behind this?

1) Too many data gaps

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