UFO Sighting in East Rochester, New York on June 9th 2015 – Appeared as though a large star or Venus itself was flying across the sky silently.

I’m sorry I don’t have a photo or video. I’ve been debating on whether or not I’d even report this, but there have been a lot of odd things happening around me lately and I figured, what the heck…

Tuesday, June 9th, at dusk, I was sitting on my porch smoking a cigarette by myself. I looked up and saw an object that I at first thought was a extremely high-up airplane flying toward me from the west. I watched it and noticed that if it were a plane that high in the sky, it’d be going much faster than normal. It was way above the clouds, reflecting what little remained of the sunlight. I watched it pass overhead and noticed there were no lights, no wings or anything that would indicate it were a plane, and it was completely silent. Where we live, you can hear an airplane passing by for about 5 straight minutes, because it’s so quiet and flat here and sound carries.

Anyway, as it was going by overhead, I thought to myself “It kind of looks like the North Star or Venus were flying through the sky right now.” It’s the best way I could describe it. And then it shifted soooo slightly to its left as it was headed east and was gone. I strained to watch it go but it disappeared.

We get a lot of aircrafts over our house because we’re near an airport and a military base, but I’ve never seen anything like this around here. My mother suggested it was a drone? But it was so high above the clouds, I would imagine it had to be as large as (if not larger than) an airplane. In fact, after it had gone, an airplane did go by. Loud and low and lit up.

This actually reminded me of the first time I saw something weird like this, only that object had been larger, lower, and changed direction multiple times before zipping off faster than I could believe (that was in the year 2000 and I didn’t know I could report that kind of stuff back then).

What I saw has been sort of bothering me for a week now. We’ve had one “confirmed” UFO sighting in this town in the last decade or so, so I was hesitant to report it. Been trying to explain it away. But I trust my eyes, and my mind. I’m damn smart, and very skeptical, and I know I saw something unusual last Tuesday night. I figure, maybe I wasn’t the only one to see it and you’ll have received (or will receive) similar reports about it.

Sorry if this is a waste of your time. And thank you *for* your time.

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