UFO Sighting in Oakville, Ontario on June 12th 2015 – I observed a large Glowing Sphere, pulsating with different colours, slowly ascend from above treetops to over the Lake.

I had gone outside for a cigarette on Friday June 12th of June, 2015. It was approximately 11:30 PM in Burlington, Ontario where we face South towards Lake Ontario. Our house is up a couple of streets from the shoreline. It was just after I lit my cigarette when I thought I saw the Moon in the general South East direction rise over and behind the treetops of my neighbours. But it wasn’t the moon I saw, this was moving pretty fast. It was a Orange-yellow round shape, that occasionally shimmered and pulsated. I happened to have my cell phone in my pocket, so I started to record the event as I started to dismiss any man-made aircraft that I knew about. No sound was emanating or trailing the object, this was quite silent. I tracked the object the best I could with my smart phone, and tried to zoom in the best I could a couple of times. I judged the distance over the lake directly SE to S direction over Lake Ontario, moving at approximately the speed of a jet liner. It’s course was a slowly ascending nature, and I lost it behind the treeline as it moved away from Burlington and vectored to the general East Hamilton Area on the other side of the lake. I didn’t have any feelings of fear, but rather stupefied as to what it could have been.

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