UFO Sighting in Raleigh, North Carolina on June 14th 2015 – Orange Firball with stucture with no flames. Looked like a Fireplace Ember –

Wife and I were sitting in hot tub, on a clear night. Sky totally black. We were watching fireflys go about. Then from the north, it looked the color of an ember from a fireplace and intensity, but traveling in straight line from N. to S. through Raleigh Airspace. Turned off the hot tub jets, and there was no sound. I’m a private pilot, with many hours of night flying, and haven’t witnessed anything that emitted light, unless it is a military jet with afterburners on. But afterburners make a ton of noise and are mostly blue/white in color. It was traveling at a speed that would be of standard commercial aircraft. Altitude estimate would be around 10,000 AGL. We continued to watch it as it travelled behind a large tree but didn’t see it emerge from the other side. Wife and I watched it for a full 2-3 minutes. No other aircraft visible. No other lights. It seemed to have structure to it and not a true orb. Seemed to have solid edges and not a true ball.

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