UFO Sighting in Brunswick, Ohio on June 15th 2015 – Glowing orange ball with two moving spot lights

My wife was leaving for her 3rd shift job. I walked her out to the garage (about 10:35 PM). She walks to the passenger side to put her lunch bag and purse on the passenger seat. At this time I stepped out of the garage and was looking south. I saw a bright orange light. I first assumed it was the hospital helicopter heading to Cleveland. But then I noticed it made zero sound. That helicopter flies over our house almost daily and it rattles our one cabinet, it is so loud. At this point I yell to my wife to come here now! It took her a few seconds to join me outside of the garage. As we watch this orange ball, I’d say it appeared the size of a pea, approach, two headlights (pinkish in color, and perfect triangles) lit in front of this thing. The headlights would suddenly go off, or on, or switch to other sides of the craft. Always two perfect cones of light side by side. But the main craft remained lit orange in color continuously. It flew practically straight over heads, but slightly to the east. At this point, my wife says that she must go or she will be late. I watched this silent craft travel northward heading towards Cleveland and Lake Erie. As I watched it got smaller to a pin point, I looked away for a second, to make sure I was out of the way of my wife’s car backing out of the garage, and when I looked again, it was gone.

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