UFO Sighting in New York, New York on June 15th 1985 – Same craft I saw at age 11 at 213th. St. & Wiillett Ave. 2nd sighting age 17 at 219th. St. Bronx Blvd. N.Y.

This/These event(s) take place in the skies above the Bronx, New York, and in the Bronx Park between E Gun Hill Road to the South and E 233rd. St. to the North, and between Willett Avenue to the East and the Bronx Park to the West. The sighting which I am reporting here for the first time in detail, occurred during the Summer of 1985, one day before I was to move from the Bronx, New York to San Antonio, Texas with both of my parents. School had just let out for the year and my friends and I were saying our goodbyes and throwing a baseball around in the Bronx Park, across the street from the six-story apartment building in which we lived. There were about five of us kids throwing “grounders & pop-ups” to each other, while several of our parents stood by talking and just hanging out. My parents, and four other adults were there. Five of them (my parents included) stood talking near the street, while a friend’s mother sat at “The Monument”, an approximately 15-20 foot tall obelisk-like stone structure with a 6 sided base facing the park. Across from “The Monument” is “The Horseshoe”, a stone entryway in the shape of its namesake, with stone steps leading down to another level of the park BELOW street level. Going after a “pop-up”, I raised my glove and eyes skyward (South East) and noticed “heat-lightning” flashing just over my building’s rooftop. Catching the ball, I pointed this out to my friends who were amazed to see it as well. What struck me as odd was that it was a nice evening with no clouds, and that the flashes of light were only above and just behind, the rooftop. There was no thunder, only light. No lightning bolts or streaks, just massive flashes of light, and only above and behind my building’s rooftop. The light spread over a great area, but nowhere else in the sky was this happening. This occurred for several long minutes during which time the flashes would stop and start, but then as kids will do, we went back to playing catch. I noticed after a little while that it seemed to have stopped… then I saw it. From behind the building an object moved very slowly over the rooftop about 50-100 feet above it, and coming in our direction it slowly descended from the six-story height of the building, down over the park and our heads, to about a third-story height (approximately 60 feet or so). As it slowly passed over head I saw what I could only describe as a “Flying-Tank”. Everyone (and everything) was silent then. Our parents, us kids, the craft… all silent. Then it passed over “The Horseshoe” and hovered for a minute or so -which felt like forever! The lower level of the park sits about 20 feet, more or less, lower than street level. Leading down from “The Horseshoe”, the stone steps bring you to a paved path running North-South, and just below the path there is a depression in a clearing approximately 100-150′ feet in diameter, next to a fenced in playground area. Into this depression it descended. The craft appeared dark grey and black in the night sky, illuminated by the street lamps nearby, with many shapes (squares/rectangles/tube-like structures) visible along the bottom and sides. There were no particular patterns visible, and it appeared to be made from giant Lego blocks. There were no visible lights or windows, just this huge, dark, hulking, silent craft. As it descended, it dipped below the treetops and into the clearing where we would play baseball. The craft now below us, the field erupted in white light, as though lit by the lights at Yankee Stadium. Lit from beneath, every tree seamed to cast shadows straight up into the night sky as the explosion of light weaved through them. I believe that the craft touched down at this point (though admittedly, the craft was obscured at this point, by blinding light), because there was no movement by the shadows ie. the scene appeared static. We amazed at this for a minute or so… that was all we could stand. My friends and I shared the briefest of glances, as well as the unspoken “We’ve gotta see this!” and ran for “The Horseshoe” to go down and have a look. “NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!” The scream pierced the night and stabbed right through me. My friend’s mother, sitting at “The Monument”, screamed as though she were being ripped apart -it was blood-curdling! We froze in place transfixed by her warning. Just then the light went off like a switch and slowly the craft ascended to about ten or fifteen feet above tree level, hovered there for a moment, then began to wobble?, gyrate? It was like a toy Spinning Top as it looses its speed and begins to wobble just before it comes crashing down. Now imagine that… but upside down. It made three complete counter-clockwise gyrations then shot off in a “Right Dog-Leg” following the park’s path first one block North, then another thirteen blocks and beyond to the NorthEast at incredible speed. We [kids] ran then, regardless of any protests the one block to the North, and coming around the bend in the park could see (it’s a straight shot), beyond the thirteen blocks that signaled the end of the Bronx Park… “heat-lighting” in the night sky. Walking back to our block, all of my friends were extremely excited saying,”What was that!?! and,”Did you see that!?! My walk back was in silence. Like them, I too did not know what it was. Like them, I too witnessed it; however, unlike them (to the best of my knowledge) I am the only one who had seen it before. In 1979 at the age of eleven, just six blocks down and two blocks over from where this sighting took place, on a bright sunny afternoon a “Flying-Tank” (dubbed this from the Army Men toys I played with as a child -Granade Throwing, Bazooka Firing, Flame-Thrower Toting, Radio Operating, Prone Position Shooting Army Men, and yes… Tanks! My Favorite! Plenty of war flicks with my Pop too!) which was to me at the time, the biggest thing my young mind could conceive of. It followed me, floating just overhead in complete silence, for over half a block as I walked towards my two brothers and a bunch of friends playing in the street. It cut a big black square hole in the clear blue sky. As I approached them I turned and pointed,”look” I said, but it was gone. This occurred the day before my family moved from there, to the building across from the Bronx Park -but I digress. Upon returning to “The Monument” I asked my friend’s mother, whom was so close to my family that we called her my aunt,”Why did you screem? Why didn’t you let us go look at it?” To which she replied,”Look at what? I didn’t screem, what are you talking about? Go play.” My own parents either refuse to face or truly don’t recall, the incident. My best friend growing up was there that night, we lost touch shortly after I moved away, but in 2011 I tracked him down and like my parents he too either refuses to face what really happened that night in 1985 or doesn’t remember it. For me, now at the thirty-year anniversary of the event, my recollection is as clear as if it happened today. There is so much more, missing time, a scoop mark, bits and pieces that I can no longer ignore… a long history hidden in my head; yet, for all that I suspect I’ve been through, this is the first time I reach out to seek answers for what I have seen and what I have experienced. Why did it appear each time I moved? Why is it that I am the only one who remembers this? Is this their way of saying we always know where you are? Another thing that has just now taken me aback is that, using Google Earth to verify landmark directions, I found what Looks like a “white tree” where I believe this craft landed, where all others trees throughout the entire park are green only. Anyway, I believe this is a good first step.

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