UFO Sighting in Rifle, Colorado on June 14th 2015 – Bright object appeared, strobbed, then moved to south becoming distinctly disc shaped before disolving and disappearing.

On the night of June 14, 2015, shortly after 10:30, I shut off the TV and, as I often do, walked outside my townhouse to peer at the night sky before retiring to bed. I walked out into the drive (which faces east) and was admiring the stars when a bright light appeared approximately 5-10 degrees off the vertical axis to the east/northeast. As I looked at the light it grew extremely bright much like a strobe light or old-fashioned flash bulb which illuminated the entire area. The object dimmed just as quickly and moved south for perhaps 2 degrees as it grew progressively dimmer and became a rather distinctive round shape which grew fainter and fainter before disappearing entirely.

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