Have you ever experienced missing time?

I’ve been experiencing missing time or at least I have indicators of it. I watched a roundtable discussion hosted by James Rink on YouTube with four Super Soldiers. One of the male guest said he was missing exactly one hour from his watch then later found out he was off world for six weeks. I thought that was very interesting then noted I was having the same problem. My watch would be exactly one hour fast or slow and it wasn’t daylights savings adjustment. I’ve gone to a store and lost about 15 pounds and was gone less than an hour. I’ve gone for walks that should only take fifteen minutes, but I’m gone twice that time. I’ve seen people leave their driveways twice which reminds me of the black cat in the Matrix. It means they changed something. It’s common in abduction stories where someone is taken and gone a couple of hours then found with weeks of hair growth on their face when they were clean shaven.

Missing Time Experience?


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