UFO Sighting in Haverhill, Massachusetts on July 10th 1994 – Contacted, abducted, and extracted from by gray aliens (2 or more)

I was at home in bed. My bedroom door opened slightly and three very long fingers curled around the door from the outside of my room. I remember faintly seeing a tall bulbous-headed being. Much of what happened afterwards seemed to be repressed and images and feelings slowly over the years return to me. The only other thing I remember from these experiences; because I believe I was visited several times, was standing in my backyard looking at a tall, slender, gray alien wearing a shiny metallic like clothing that glowed. I also remember the very moment I felt as if they were finished with me and I was back in my bed, still with the door slightly ajar, confused, scared, and nervous. Through tarot and hypnosis I have come to believe that I was contacted 6-8 times. I believe I was extracted from, through my skull in at least 4 different spots on my head. I believe that they revealed themselves physically to me as a thank you for letting them extract “technology” from my skull. These realizations have just within the past few months become clear to me and finally like some kind of fog has been finally lifted from me. I know that other members of my family have also been contacted/abducted. I know that it has happened and happens to many people. I also feel as if they implanted me with something. It’s hard to explain but after these events I felt as if my attributes had been diminished. I began to have strong feelings about being left behind. I began to have strange spatial feelings that was I closed my eyes and focused, I could project my immediate surrounding away from me so that I almost felt like I was far away from everything around me as if I myself shrunk down to the size of an ant. I’ve spent much of my life, for the most part, being somewhat anti-social, prone to anxiety in many situations, self sabotaging, and being consumed at different points in my life with ufology/exopolitics and also feeling like I’m spending my life waiting to be contacted again or for some event to bring clarity to why this happened to me and what’s really going on here on Earth. The only thing I can think to do is report this and just add to the cases and hopefully others who have been under a fog will come to and report their cases as well. I fear the clarity I desire may only be avalable to my children but I still hope.

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