UFO Sighting in New Haven, Connecticut on June 16th 2015 – Saw three bright lights moving above I-95. Showed up one at a time, each moving separately from same “launch point”, eventually numbering 3 such events. Moved slow and steady from the same point but in slightly different vectors. Saw a fourth above me.

I live with pet cats at the top of an old former factory building, near a fairly scruffy looking part of the CT shoreline. I have a good view of the river below me and the local interstate to the west. I’ve been here for over four years now, and work at home, so I am used to the area and its traffic (cars, planes, boats, motorcycles, dirt bikes, emergency vehicles). It is working-class industrial. There is a power company building not far away to the west. We get some small ship traffic here, twice-daily fishing boats and occasional tug boats, and I like to observe them. The tug boats stop at the small commercial shipyard across from me, before they go back out to Long Island Sound to do their work. We have lots of industrial lighting all along the river. I like the scene out there, and when at loose ends I look for anything interesting, especially moving ships that I can identify and look up online on the Live Ships Map.

Well, I happened to look out about 9:40 in the evening last night. I had just called my mother and said Good Night to her a few minutes before. This particular night was very dark, with just a little stringy cloud; summing up as a very black sky for around here, even with all the industrial shoreline light pollution and resulting glare.

I spotted a large white light (I will call it ���Light 1���) that seemed to float out in the near distance (maybe 1/4 mile away). I played my usual game of What Is It? I quickly realized it didn’t fit what I expected to see out there—didn���t quite fit in, you might say. It was too high to be a smokestack marker or similar orientation light, and all of those around here on top of buildings have to be pulsating lights, because there is a small airport very nearby, to the NE, so the planes need warning lights for any possible high obstacles to be encountered above the treeline. (I am on the airport’s approach path, so I see small craft circling to land all the time, although the runway itself is totally out of my sight, beyond the treeline.)

I watched the oddball white light to see if I could figure it out—was it coming from a building? From on top of a building? Etc., and then tried to orient my eyes to stationary lights around it, to see if it was actually moving, but just very slowly. Turns out, it WAS moving. And yes, rather slowly.

This light (“Light 1”) came toward my relative direction at this slow and steady pace. I noted that it was one large white light, no pulsation of any kind, no orientation lights such as would be evident for airplanes or helicopters. I listened for a helicopter sound too (the river reflects sounds very well, boosting anything, land or sea or air; however, helicopters themselves are uncommon at my location, and if they do come by, I can distinctly hear them—there is that distinct droning sound). Well, no helicopter sound. I report no sounds of that kind to be heard, just the usual ambient car sounds.

After, say, at least two full minutes, another identical white light (“Light 2”) popped up in the same beginning position in which I had sighted the first (Light 1). Hmmm.

In the meantime, the original light (Light 1) came toward my building, and when it was almost overhead, I saw that another light was above me (not directly, but almost directly) that didn’t seem like an airplane, but which had a winking white light and at least one red light on it (I call this “Light 4”, because there were eventually three that came from the same direction, and this one, the fourth, was an exception in that respect). It blinked in and out of the cloud cover (so I am not positive it was actually itself blinking; it could have been floaty clouds making this effect), but still seemed to remain perfectly stationary. Not progressing in position, in other words; actually still. I don’t think this one was moving, slowly or otherwise. It was simply present.

The original white light I had spotted (Light 1) moved on its course at level speed, and the second light (Light 2) that had popped into sight proceeded toward this area too, but on a slightly different vector, eventually passing over my building. As I noted the journey of this second white light, I saw a THIRD light (“Light 3”) pop up in the original location in the distance, and proceed at the same slow speed toward my building, but again, on a different vector from Lights 1 and 2. I looked above to see where the hovering light with a red light was. I could not see it anymore, but can’t be certain whether the clouds were simply covering it now.

I am of the impression that the three moving lights ascended in height gradually from their “origin point”, but can’t be certain. It just seems so to me. I would estimate, at their highest, they were slightly lower than Light 4; reason being, I never saw cloud cover smear them in any way, whereas Light 4 was slightly above the drifting clouds. (If I hadn’t seen Light 4, with “drifting stringy cloud” effect evident on its bottom “surface”, I wouldn’t have known there WERE any clouds, the night sky was so dark.)

I watched to see if another light would appear from the middle distance, that original spot out toward Long Island Sound. None appeared. All three of the steady white, slowly moving lights, had simply taken their paths, each in their turn, silent and undisturbed, over my building on their slightly different vectors, and that was that. It took, I would estimate, about 10 minutes altogether. It’s possible it started a few minutes earlier than I stated—I didn’t mark the start time absolutely. I would estimate, at the very most, it would still have taken no more than 15 minutes for all this to transpire. After I was satisfied no more was to appear, I called my mother (I finally looked at the clock to make sure it wasn’t too late to call her—it was just about 9:55 at this point) and told her all about it.

The “event” was over. Nothing further showed up in the sky of any note that evening. Also: the cats didn’t seem to really care or notice. No weird vibes, in other words. Were asleep a few feet away. I had the TV on low throughout, and service was not disrupted. In terms of my feelings about all this, I was intrigued, but not frightened, anxious, or excited. I���m not someone who ���needs��� to see UFOs���I just thought this was singular, and wanted to report it.

Now, on this same day, much earlier in the day, there had been an accident in that relative location out toward the harbor. Around 10:00 that morning, a man had fallen from a bridge on the interstate when he was working on some kind of repair. He fell into the water, and had to be fished out. He survived, but sustained a heart attack immediately after he was rescued, and was in crisis. Emergency crew had to be rushed in. He was taken to the enormous hospital complex that is about seven minutes from here. OSHA people were brought in to see if there were safety violations at the site. Perhaps they came in by helicopter to view the bridge and surrounding area. (I didn���t see any sign of these during daylight, however.)

So it���s possible these lights were three helicopters leaving, in succession, from that spot. That WOULD square with logic of a sort. However: I do not think there are ANY helipads there in that crowded gas depot area; they would be coming in from the airport, and these were not, IMO, coming from there. And these lights seemed to originate at the point where they popped into my sight—they didn���t approach that spot from a distance. Also, I saw NO orientation lights for helicopters; I heard no helicopter noise. I���m just mentioning this out of fairness to the evaluation. The local newspaper, and our local TV station, each had an article online yesterday that will support the account of the incident at the bridge.

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