UFO Sighting in Sherman, Texas on December 25th 2013 – Electricity Caused phenomenon

So one night I was smoking weed at a friends’ apartment. He left and not long after the police came by, I refused to let them in and they kicked the door open. I fought off 12 police officers and they illegally all tased me at once and killed me. This caused some kind of field to consume my mind, I then was spoken to, and limitless visions flooded my mind, Spacecraft, events unfolding, Areas unrecognizable, Strange faces, Explosions of ancient ruins, and last of all A stone face of an Annunaki blowing up in a trail of dust. I never got a name but the voice spoke slow and plain. The voice told me that few are chosen by any of their kind, and that they will visit again. In images I think I saw present, past, and future events. I say this because I saw myself talking with people I have only just met, and one image of me talking to Giorgio A. Tsoukalos. I have never met this man and had no clue who he was, I have just recently seen him on his new show and have discovered the work he does. I need help from someone to make me believe that I am not going crazy. I woke up in a hospital on life support for two days and also on a breathing machine with all charges dropped. So whatever spoke to me also helped me keep a clean criminal record… I hope you guys can help me because I am losing my mind! I wish I could be more use, but I would like a follow up interview in person, so I can draw the things I saw

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