UFO Sighting in Sudbury, Ontario on November 3rd 1987 – hunting looked behind because of humming noise big ufo hovering right behind me just above trees next thing me and my brother remember is waking up the next morning

Me and my bother were hunting at our camp which was isulated,you had to walk into it at the time around 10 miles.We would go to this point at the mouth of a large size creek that came into the lake and hunt for ducks in the evening.It was getting around dusk when I felt an electricity feeling and looked behind me and just above the poplar trees there was this gigantic disk and told my brother to look and that is the last thing I remember until the next morning.We both woke up in our beds at the camp and didn’t say a thing to each other about what happened it was only years later that we talked about it.The morning we got up it felt like we were in a haze,but we went out partridge hunting any way and the whole morning was unbelievable there were partridge everywhere like manna from heaven almost creepy.One thing I do remember is seeing this mountain beside a valley I thought I was in ,like flying through it but there are no mountains were this happened just large hills.To this day I cannot remember from seeing the disk until the next morning.But that sucker was larger and silvery.

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