UFO Sighting in Sunset, Louisiana on January 1st 2009 – Eight-ten unknown objects moving across the sky

My husband and I went out at midnight on New Year’s Eve to watch fireworks welcoming the new year. We saw a few fireworks, and then about five minutes after midnight we watched some unknown reddish-orange discs moving across the horizon above the tree line. They made no sound and moved in unison towards the northwest. At least five were in a straight line and there were a couple above and a couple below that line. (Six years have passed since the sighting, so the exact number escapes us). We jumped in the car to get in a clearer area to see if we might see where they were going. By the time we got to a clearing, they were nowhere to be found. My husband contacted Mufon and we submitted a report. Someone called us a couple of weeks later. They wanted to come out and take photos and see exactly where the sighting took place. Unfortunately, our brother-in-law was killed in a motorcycle accident in that time frame, so we weren’t able to follow-up with the report. A lady at Mufon told my husband that someone in Houma, LA had reported something similar within minutes of our sighting and was supposed to have some video footage. About a month later my husband spoke with a man from Texas who had taken over the case, but we don’t see our case in the archives.

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