UFO Landing in Fairview Heights Illinois, Illinois on August 15th 2000 – I am sure that what I saw what a UFO after I saw the TV Show of UFO over Illinois

I am a retired truck driver. I retired back in 2004. I drove truck for a food chain out of St. Louis Mo. I am not certain about the year that this happen. I wish that I had more information on the year. The best way I can explain this too you is that I was heading up to Evansville Indiana. I was traveling on highway 64 and because of the time that has gone by, I am not totally sure of the location. However as I travel up highway 64 there was a rest stop two miles ahead of me as I got close to the rest stop it was just getting dark. As I traveled toward the rest stop there was a cornfield to my right and the corn had been cut down as I proceeded highway 64 I notice a high polished silver object sitting on the ground and what I could make out was what look like four windows with lights on the inside. As I went pass I question what I saw because I have worked on farms but I never seen a farm implement like that before. Because of it being a high polished steel and what look like to be four windows I did not realize exactly what I was looking at that time. I thought maybe there was some kind of new farm equipment but as I thought about it more I couldn’t figure anything on a farm to be like that. I discover what I was looking at when I seen that TV Show of UFO over Illinois because when I was seen what was describe by those who told what they saw it is the very same that I saw sitting on the ground.

P.S. I am sorry that it took me so long to notify you.

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