UFO Sighting in Olympia, Washington on June 18th 2015 – Viewed a red-orange orb north of Mt. Rainier, just above the trees.

On June 18, 2015 @ 12:15 a.m., in Lacey, Wa. I was watching Ancient Aliens on the History 2 channel, in my bedroom on the second floor. I had my window open. and I could already hear a military helicopter, (Blackhawk) flying east of my house. It’s normal for military helicopters to fly over and around us, because the military base JBLM is just northeast of us on the I-5. Every day for the past couple of weeks JBLM has been firing artillery rounds at their range, and they always have helicopters flying around. The local news said JBLM would be firing artillery rounds for a month, however, tonight their wasn’t any artillery. I went to my window to look for the helicopter. The helicopter was southeast and approximately 500 ft. above the trees, from my bedroom. I noticed the helicopter was flying northeast towards Mt. Rainier, and that is when I saw a red-orange orb hovering above the trees north of Mt. Rainier. The orb glowed for a minute then it disappeared for 15 seconds, then reappeared just north of its last position and did that for 5 minutes. Meanwhile the military helicopter was approaching the orb while the orb was disappearing and reappearing. The orb was glowing as bright as the helicopter’s lights, but didn’t have the strobe light like the helicopter. When the helicopter got really close to the orb, the orb disappeared for good. During this whole event you could hear the helicopter fading away towards the orb, and at this time you could hear a jet in the distance and west of my position. The orb, however, never made a sound.

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