UFO Sighting in Saint George, Utah on June 17th 2015 – Hovering bright white orb under 500 feet altitude being observed by stationary helicopter; proceeded slowly eastward at same altitude until it reduced itself in size and disappeared as if into different dimension

I will attempt to be as detailed as possible. Please bear with me.

Approximately 10:30pm MST Wednesday June 17, 2015 –

I was speaking on the phone and sweeping a few leaves off of the back patio of my house when I heard a hovering/stationary helicopter not far in the distance. I looked up and observed a clear view of a typical commercial or civilian-type helicopter hovering over the adjacent residential and commercial area no higher than approximately 500-1000 feet from the ground, northwest of my vantage point no more than 1/4 mile away. Despite the darkness of the evening sky, the helicopter looked very similar in shape to a hospital life flight or news station-type helicopter; but because of the darkness I was unable to see any markings or letters on the helicopter as to identify the helicopter. It did NOT appear to be a military helicopter nor did it have that louder, deeper, choppy or rumble-type sound that military helicopters typically have. The helicopter had the typical green, red and white lights on it (similar to the life flight helicopter that operates out of the IHC Hospital here in St. George 1-2 miles north of the location this helicopter was hovering). These common lights were distinctly visible and the helicopter did not project any other lights such as a beam or search/spot light.

Presuming the helicopter was life flight, I watched the helicopter hover for approximately 30-60 seconds wondering why it was just hovering and was not attempting to maneuver horizontally as if to fly away northbound toward the hospital or vertically as if it were going to ascend or descend in order to assist a person in need. As I continued to watch the stationary helicopter, I noticed a bright white opaque sphere/orb of light at approximately the same altitude as the hovering helicopter, 300-500 feet due east of the helicopter, also hovering in a stationary manner. (My initial instinct was that the helicopter was stationary because it too was observing/witnessing the sphere/orb and was NOT in the vicinity for medical assistance purposes.)

The easiest way to describe the size of the sphere from my vantage point would be to say that if I had a golf ball in my hand and I held the golf ball with a fully-extended arm out from my body 45 degrees from the horizon (I’m 5’6′), the golf ball and the sphere/orb I was witnessing would appear to be approximately the same size.

Within approximately 10 seconds of first noticing the sphere/orb of bright, opaque, white light, the sphere/orb slowly began to move horizontally, maintaing its same altitude, as it proceeded eastward. I observed the sphere/orb for approximately 5-10 more seconds as it proceeded eastward (away from the city of St George toward the vast dark undeveloped terrain east of St George toward the US Forest Service and national parks areas) having traveled an approximated 1/4 mile during that brief time period at a consistent altitude. The sphere/orb did NOT appear to be ascending whatsoever during this time period before I observed it begin to disappear from sight. THIS IS WHERE MY SIGHTING BECAME MOST INTRIGUING AND DEFIES ALL LOGIC.


RATHER, THE SHPERE/ORB APPEARED TO REDUCE ITSELF IN SIZE….. I observed what appeared to be as if the sphere/orb was making an ACTUAL PHYSICAL TRANSFORMATION. I observed a distinct change in physical manifestation and appearance of the sphere/orb.

Lacking a background in physics or material sciences (or any sciences for that matter), I cannot adequately describe or use actual valid scientific terms to describe what I witnessed. The best I can do is to say that the sphere/orb appeared as if it was MORPHING (I witnessed what appeared to be actual physical changes taking place) or that the sphere/orb was entering into a different dimension if that makes sense. Bottom line, it was as if it disappeared into itself. IT DISAPPEARED ON THE SPOT AS OPPOSED TO DISAPPEARING AT A DISTANCE.

Shocked from what I had just witnessed, I looked back to see if the helicopter was still in the location where I had initially observed it. It was; the helicopter continued to hover it the exact spot where I had first noticed it. Again I presumed the helicopter had maintained its stationary course as if it were also observing or monitoring the sphere/orb. The helicopter continued to hover for an additional 60 seconds or more once the sphere/orb was no longer visible.

The helicopter then turned and proceeded to slowly move west-southwest (away from the direction the sphere/orb had moved) and gradually ascended to an altitude more customary of a life flight-type helicopter as it continued to move in a southwesterly direction away from St George proper. I watched the helicopter continue slowly on that southwesterly path for about 1-2 minutes before i observed it turn back northward, appear to slightly descend, and then continue on a north-northeasterly path back across the city (as if it were heading toward the Washington or Hurricane areas, far north of the IHC hospital in St George where I had presumed the helicopter had originated) until my view of the helicopter was obstructed by the bluffs north of my home, east of the I-15.

I cannot tell you what it was I saw. And I certainly will never be able to understand – let alone explain – the manner in which the sphere/orb disappeared from my sight. But I fully believe that the helicopter I described herein witnessed the same thing I witnessed.

If you can find out the source/ownership of the helicopter, perhaps they too could give you a description of these events. Other than an occasional lone military helicopter in the distance, I have never seen any common or commercial-type helicopter in the area other than the IHC hospital life flight helicopter. I’m not sure whether there are additional commercial or private helicopters that operate out of the St George airport (several miles east-southeast of my location) but I presume there are many, especially those who may transport tourists for aerial views of the nearby Zions National Park (many miles north-northeast of my location). Perhaps they may be of resource for you in attempting to find the identity of the helicopter that I fully believe also witnessed this amazing event were you interested in contacting them as well.

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