My experience

Hi everyone im new to this forum and any forum for that matter. But lately i have had the thought to find a little but of information about my experience. I guess i will start from the beginning.

Growing up i dont think i was ever a believer or a non-believer. But when i was about 12 years old (17years ago) my father, brother, and one of our childhood friends decided to pack up our guns the next morning and go target shooting about an hour into the desert. We had been here plenty of times over the years and parked at the same area.

We got there around 10 a.m. and while we were unpacking we noticed a plane type thing in the sky. All i can say is it was a unfinished metal color and could definitely see that the sun was reflecting off it. It appeared to be sitting in place not moving at all. After about 10 minutes of watching it we went back to what we were doing. A few minutes later our friend said it was gone so we all looked and it was nowhere in the sky.

Since we had been here plenty of times we pretty much knew this area like the back of our hands. We took a walk to this cave we like to go to that that normally took 30 minutes to walk to. When we got there the sun was starting to set which didnt make sense. We hadnt even fired a round yet and it was already getting dark.

We should have been there for maybe an hour and a half. This was counting our hike to the cave. We hurry back to the truck and first thing my father does is check his watch that he left in the truck and the clock on the radio they were both about 6 oclock.

When we were on our way home we talked and made jokes about that “ufo” abducting us. There is no other explanation. Maybe abduction, some wormhole into time travel, im not sure but i can tell you to this day i do believe now that there is something that happened day and just wanted to see if maybe any of you guys can give a little insite into what maybe happened.

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