UFO Sighting in Mancos, Colorado on December 31st 2009 – On 12/31/2009 myself and 3 other people observed 3 glowing orbs south of Mancos, Colorado

On 12/31/2009 around 10:20pm I was outside by a campfire celebrating New Years Eve with a guest staying at the motel I owned in Mancos, Colorado. I looked up in the southern sky and saw a relatively large circular faint orange glowing object moving in a zig-zag manor until it came to a stop about 65* above the horizon. I pointed out the object to the motel guest and she too witnessed this event. After the object came to a stop, it shot straight up super fast approximately 400ft then back down to the same spot. It then remained in the same spot for about 6 minutes, at which time it either turned around or just changed to a faint yellow color then took off into outer space and disappeared. It was super, super fast.

About 20 minutes later, 2 more of the same appeared in the same location and did the exact same routine as the previous object. All 3 appeared to go through a pre-flight warm up routine before taking off like a bat out of hell!

A few days later I saw the editor of the local newspaper (Mancos Times) and asked her if she had heard anything about the objects. She had indeed been contacted by another Mancos resident and his son who described the same events I had seen. She also mentioned that they had contacted the sheriffs office, the police dept and some other agencies- possibly the FBI. I asked her to tell them to stop by sometime so we could compare notes. She did see this father&son a few days later and told them I had seen the same things and wanted to visit with them. They suddenly changed their story and told her they didn’t see anything that night! Someone must have paid them or threatened them to change their story.

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