UFO Sighting in Portsmouth, on June 19th 2015 – A trapezium like craft ascended in the sky, hovered, then went west, flying overhead.

For the week prior, I was intent on going stargazing, something in my mind occurred to me suddenly how I should go out and look at the stars. At the first opportunity available to me due to a hectic schedule, I looked outside my window and, unlike usual where I’d instinctly look left, I looked right first and I thought I saw an orange orb in the sky; but it quickly became apparent that this wasn’t an orb as its appearance almost instantly turned to that of a trapezium craft; one trapezium in the top and another on the bottom: fitted together perfectly. It flashed a series of white (or gold), red and green lights from its exterior, as it stopped hovering and ascended; flying up slowly through the sky- though staying beneath the cloud level.

When it reached its maximum height at about 200ft, it hovered for a short duration of time whilst I took a series of 6 photographs; two of which caught an image of the object. Then, it moved extraordinarily quickly through the cloudless sky over my terraced house’s roof and I saw at the base of the craft was a brilliant white light; a circle, like a tractor beam, that didn’t reflect off any materials.

When I saw the craft; I felt excited and equally scared. I have quite a lot of air traffic in my location, but I’d never seen anything like it. It shone lights unfamiliar to that of modern aeroplanes or helicopters, and was completely soundless until it flew overhead, where it made the sound not dissimilar to that of a supersonic boom, and i couldn’t see it past that. I’d never seen any aerodynamic structure fly at that low height before.

When it was out of sight, I wrote a basic account of what happened and texted some of my friends, attached with the two photographs of the event.

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