UFO Sighting in Ripon, California on June 18th 2015 – driving looked to west saw what I thought was venus very bright light, light faded and saw a dull hazzy shape that also faded until it disappeeared

On Thursday, 061815, about 1930hrs, I was driving north bound on highway 99, passing the city of Ripon, CA. I looked out to the west toward the hills. There are no real obstructions between the freeway and the hills in this area, just fields. I noticed a very bright light in the sky. My first thought was it was a little early for the planet venus to be visible since the sun was still up and it was to low in the sky. The light was very bright and stationary, it was hovering at about a 45 degree angle from me a few miles away. As I watched it, the light began to fade out. The light continues to fade out until it is gone completely. After the light was gone I could still see a gray, fuzzy something, it was far away and it to began to fade out until it disappeared all together.

The next night I was in my backyard which is about 3 miles to the northwest as the crow flies from the area of the freeway that I saw the light the previuous day. It was about 2230 hrs. I was with my brother and children. I was showing my brother the planets through my telescope. I had just finished telling my brother about the bright light I saw the previous day, when he points to the east and says whats that? I look in the direction and say what. My brother says that star is moving. At first I don’t notice anything, but as I continue to look I notice one of the stars is moving very slightly. I also note the light which I thought was a star at first is beginning to fade out. My brother also notes this. As we stare at the light it fades out completely and my brother says something is there. As I begin to try to swing the telescope toward the object it also fades out and disappears. It never really moved that much the orginal location we saw it in, but just disappeared.

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