UFO Sighting in Rosamond, California on April 30th 2010 – Glowing orb 8-9 ft across hovering

Standing in my back yard & watching stars I felt something & looked to my rt & there was a glowing/round object. It hovered about 3ft off ground & was 8-9 ft. Across light was diffused & warm.

I felt a relaxed almost comforting feeling coming from it.

It was like we were just looking at each other & lasted for about a minute or more then it zipped off to the north for about 1-2 thousand ft then stopped & shown a light on the ground & again it zipped off about same distance but to N NE stopped & repeated the previous stated actions.

This went on for several minutes back & forth across the desert till it disappeared over a hill about 1-3 miles back.

A few sec later I saw jets going in same direction as globe.

I never felt scared or upset about the incident. It was more like a feeling of being familiar with it.

I have seen several objects back there in desert.

Also I should add that Edwards Air Force Base is NE of my home. In point of fact the fence to base is just 1000 or more from me.

My husband refuses to even acknowledge ufo’s as he was Air Force & now retired.


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