Black Triangle Sighting in Chase Mills, New York on July 15th 2008 – Seen triangular craft hovering just above the trees across the road from our house

I was at home watching tv on a mid July night in 2008. My girlfriend Sarah (now my wife) went to take our black lab Smokey out front to go to the bathroom. The dog started barking and it seemed like Sarah was back in the house within a matter of seconds. Sarah yelled for me to come here you need to see this. I got off the couch and as I approached Sarah she was pale looking. I asked her what was wrong and she could barely speak. Sarah pointed out the door and said there is something across the road. Sarah told me she wasn’t going back out there. I laughed at her and went outside, she yelled at me to get back in the house. I totally ignored her and just kept staring at the ufo. The ufo was a triangular shape that was all black with 3 red lights underneath it, one red light in each corner of the triangular craft. It made no noise and just hovered barely over the trees on the edge of the field across the road from our house. I was mesmerized and stood there staring at the ufo for at least 15 minutes. Sarah kept begging me to come back in the house the whole time I was outside observing the ufo. She was so terrified she wouldn’t even cross the threshold of the door as she was begging me to come back in the house. The ufo was still there when I finally came back in the house. I didn’t want to come back in but I did to calm Sarah down. Before I went to bed I looked back outside the window and it was gone. To this day Sarah doesn’t like me talking about what happened because I think it scares her.

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