UFO Sighting in Sofia, Sofia-city on May 26th 2015 – 2 bright red lights and one dim red light next to each other

1. I was at my house on the balcony, looking at the night sky.
2. What made me see the objects was them appearing in the night sky very suddenly out of nowhere. The red lights attracted my attention, as they were very bright.
3. When I first saw the 3 red lights, I thought that they were simply airplane wing lights, but as I was watching the lights they weren’t moving, they wee stationary. Then after hovering for 25 minutes, they descended very rapidly towards Vitosha mountain and seemed to have landed, as they disappeared. 10-15 minutes after it’s descent, I saw it ascending from somewhere near the mountain. It made a few manoeuvrings up and to both sides, then it shot up at the night sky at incredible speeds. Then the objects were never seen again.

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