Black Triangle Sighting in Kingsport, Tennessee on July 15th 1997 – We observed the triangle at 11pm. It began to descend. Bright light appeared from the triangle. Sudden overwhelming feeling of occupants. Lose of time

Me and my friend Joey where returning from a skatepark. As we drove down Netherland inn rd. I noticed a light 150 away at an elevation of about 400 ft to the northwest of us. As I continued to observe the light, I noticed 2 more lights suddenly. One more to the West then the third almost on top of us forming a triangle that seemed to me to be approximately 150 yards across. It took a minute to realize this was one large object instead of three separate objects as my view was obscured by me being in a car. We pulled off at the observation area established by the city of kingsport to view Netherland inn park as well as Rotherwood Mansion. We exited the car and began to observe the triangle. The object came slowly from the west running parrallel to Houlston Army Ammunition plant. We watched it(triangle) for about 3 minutes as it came to a stop 30 yards away at an elevation if about 350ft. It was absolutely huge. An irrational fear, at least it seemed to be at the time gripped me. I told Joey lets get in the car and leave. The last thing I clearly recall is moving toward joeys car. I saw bright light from behind me begin to light the entire area. The very next memory I have is of Joey and myself sitting in front of my apartment building, located about a mile from the Netherland Inn observation area. Neither of us had any memory whatsoever of driving that last mile to my apartment. Since our encounter with this object, my friend Joey had told me on several occasions that he thought something major had occurred that night . I have recurring dreams of the encounter in which Joey and I are being escorted through an unusual craft and feeling as if our escorts are not malicious yet not human either. Joey has since committed suicide and I myself have had several strange events occur that I have no explanation for. The latest being last night at 3:30 a.m. July 21, 2015

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