Has the Government Retaliated Against ET?

Hello All,

This idea follows on the heels of some comments I have posted and threads I’ve read about the apparent decline in what were conventionally known as Flying Saucers, and other shapes, in some of the old photographs and footage. Sure there are still reports but are they to be trusted? What about the blanket term anti-gravity? We obviously don’t have it yet. Why not? Have we been cut off somehow from the technology? We’re still struggling with those things Bob Lazar said were at S4? Are we then forced to develop anti-gravity on our own? How? Who or what company is doing it. No speculations or unsupported answers allow. Facts only.

Tell you what. I going to pick a subject for us to investigate. I mean a real honest to goodness investigation into anti-gravity research. Not opinion, not what you’ve heard, not what someone told you, but a real hands on, by you/us, into the mysterious subject of beating gravity at it’s own game. Maybe as time goes by some of you could do the same. Submit a subject we could all tackle and find out everything there is to know about it without injecting rumors or hearsay. Dig in deep and bring what you find that is scientific or factual.

I’m going to start this off by presenting a company in Texas. Put your best thinking caps on and use your best investigative skills. Leave no stone unturned and don’t stop until we all say “UNCLE!” Are you ready? It’ll be a really good exercise for us that shows we CAN make efforts advance on the subject of UFO’s. If you get fearful I will be glad to write the emails when it comes to that but you will be the ones drafting the questions. The emails will go out once all our efforts have turned up everything we can find and we want more information. No emails until our own work is done first. That way we will know specifically what to ask and will have less chance of getting some general answer that tells us nothing. Here’s the first thing to pursue for this investigation into anti-gravity:

RAM Gravonics LLC, Lubbock, Texas………………..GO!

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