UFO Sighting in Gallup, New Mexico on August 15th 1967 – 2 orbs twice size of basketball

In Aug 1967 I had left home in Rainier,Or heading back to my next Army base at Ft. Benning,Ga. My wife (ex)Patt was with me. As we were traveling in the New Mexico desert at about 4AM we had just drove down off a hill and was on the valley floor when I noticed 2 orbs in my rear view mirror coming off the mtn.They appeared to be about the size of a softball,one a little larger than the other,pulsating.I first thought they were motor cycle headlights.Within seconds they were larger than basketballs and right on my bumper. I was in awe about their speed and told Patt to look behind us to see if she could figure out what they were. At about the same time one on them went to the right side of the car and traveled alongside our car about 20 feet away at the same speed. I then thought maybe it was a train or something like that.There was no noise at all.As the one was traveling alongside the other one moved from the rear of the car up the trunk and onto the top of our car a few feet above the roof and the car then had a luminescence inside, a yellowish color.I then started to smell an odor like burning coated wire. Then the generator light came on and the engine shut off. By now Patt was getting real scared as we sat there confused as to what was going on. I decided to get out of the car as Patt was yelling at me to stay in the car. I got out and stood up looking at the object a few feet over my head. They were no longer pulsating and making no noise.I don’t know how long I stood and do not remember getting back into the car. The next thing I do remember is sitting in the driver seat and looking out the widow to my right and seeing the two objects hovering above the valley floor stationary. They both then took off in a swaying pattern and within seconds were ascending high into the mtn range and were gone. I sat there dazed for a few minutes and started the engine. It did start but the battery was low and the generator had burned out giving out no power. It was still dark out but there was enough light to drive with the headlights out so I did that saving power to run the car. We travel a few miles into Gallop NM. During the whole incident we never saw another car on the highway. Other than that night I don’t remember ever talking about it, it was like it never happen.There was about an hour of time we can not account for,I often wondered if something else took place that night.I hope this story makes sense to you.Thank you for your time.

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