UFO Sighting in none, Wyoming on October 11th 2014 – have pictures came back 3 times up in high mountains and had speeds that were unexplainable and movments.

Me and 4 others were up hunting after lunch Byson Basin. was no clouds we got to an dead end trail and was coming back when we seen this whit looking think hovering in the sky we all seen it but couldn’t explain what it was watched it for about 30 seconds it took off in a horizontal direction up till u couldn’t see it any more at speeds never seen before. No cloud streem no noise. So drove on about 2 min. Looked up and there it was again hovering above us. About 30 seconds then took off again same manor. We looked at each other said what the heck I said if that thing comes back I will freak out. Drove little why about 3 mins. stoped to look for deer. Then there it was again seem like same height. Got my phone and took pictures as it was leaving. When u blow up the pictures on the phone is motipule lights. then the 3rd time it left shot up in sky where could see it and seconds later something high up streaked across the sky it wasn’t military I grew up around that at speeds iv never seen and would appear and disappear across sky and was informed that friend that was with me seen the same object not to long ago in Maxson Basin.

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